Clutter strikes out for No. 1 High scorer eager to lead Cavs back to state playoffs 1993 high school girls soccer preview

September 08, 1993|By Glenn P. Graham | Glenn P. Graham,Staff Writer

South Carroll's junior striker Amber Clutter doesn't know how she scores goals, she just does.

Clutter didn't think she'd fit in when she was a freshman, but she ended the season with 16 goals.

She thought opponents would key on her last year and she wouldn't score. They did, but she still put the ball in the net 18 times and added six assists to lead the Cavaliers to a region title and a state playoff appearance.

"I haven't figured it out yet," Clutter said. "I guess it's placement. Coach [Jim] Horn always tells me to trap, shoot and follow so I try to trap, shoot and follow."

Clutter says it doesn't really matter how many goals she scores in a game, as long as South Carroll wins. Horn admires Clutter's ability.

"She's very humble about her ability and talents," he said.

"Last year when we played Western she scored four goals and didn't want to shoot the ball anymore because she didn't want to embarrass anybody. She scores some great goals. One time last year she had her back to the goal when she scored and had others coming from 30 yards out. Her common line is 'That was just luck.'

"We'd like to see her shoot even more. Often times her teammates will give her the ball and she will look to pass it off when they are telling her to shoot."

Clutter has found the net too many times over the past two years for luck to be involved. Her excellent ball-handling skills and overwhelming quickness are far better reasons.

"She does a great job of collecting the ball and placing it right where she wants to," Horn said. "She's worked very hard playing in the Olympic Developmental Program and going out of the county in rec leagues to improve. She strengthened her legs and uses them both very well."

Clutter, who also plays basketball and tennis at South Carroll, played recreational soccer for three or four years before entering high school, where she started out as a center midfielder. She also recalls plenty of days in the backyard with her older sister Kelly, who enjoyed a solid career as a goalie at South Carroll.

"I always shot on her, but don't remember scoring very often," Clutter said.

"We each take 10 shots at one another and then do it all over again. I'm better with my right foot, but really worked hard on improving my left foot last year."

The Cavaliers are in good position to make another run at a possible state title, and Clutter, a team captain, is looking forward to the challenge.

"Things are looking pretty good in practice and we haven't set any particular goals except to try to jell and play as a team," she said.

"Everywhere I turn I know there will be someone there so I worked hard on some different moves. We're just looking to communicate, give 110 percent every game and keep the

intensity up."

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