Balkan Update

September 07, 1993

Fourteen seriously wounded Muslims were evacuated from MOSTAR, breaking a impasse between relief workers and Croat and Muslim wrought by renewed fighting. They were sent to the Muslim-held town of ZENICA as NATO planes and U.S. aircraft flew overhead to protect the airlift.

Bosnian government forces apparently were trying to gain control of a road near VITEZ and a road linking FOJNICA with TARCIN to the southeast for movement of troops and supplies, said Lt. Col. Bill Aikman, a United Nations military spokesman in SARAJEVO.

Montenegrin officials and merchants are accusing Serbia of preventing trucks carrying flour and other staples from entering Montenegro, its partner in what remains of Yugoslavia. Severe shortages of food and other basic commodities caused by international sanctions on ex-Yugoslavia prompted the federal government last week to begin rationing some food and other basic products.

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