50 Years Ago* The oyster season opened with some 22 oyster...


September 05, 1993

50 Years Ago

* The oyster season opened with some 22 oyster boats working off Holland Point Bar. The average catch was 15 bushels per boat. Boats off northern Anne Arundel were bringing in 8 to 10 bushels. -- The Sun, Sept. 1, 1943.

* Steve Millard, 10, of Pines-on-Severn, read 104 books during summer to win the public libraries' reading contest for children. -- The Sun, Sept. 4, 1943.

* Eight fires, one of which destroyed the barn and farming implements at the Maryland Training School for Colored Girls near Glen Burnie, kept fire departments busy over the weekend. --

The Sun, Sept. 20, 1943.

* Anne Arundel County subscriptions to the Third War Loan went over the $2 million mark today with money still being pledged. The county quota was $1.7 million. -- The Sun, Sept. 23, 1943.

* The 10 Anne Arundel Canning Centers have put up 18,123 quarts of canned fruits and vegetables in a little over two months this summer. Seven of the centers will stay open indefinitely. -- The Sun, Sept. 25, 1943.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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