From The Sun Sept. 5-11, 1843Sept. 6: A dead hog now lies...


September 05, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 5-11, 1843

Sept. 6: A dead hog now lies exposed to the winds in Sharp Street, near Fayette. Remove it.

Sept. 8: Found Dead -- Very considerable excitement prevails in the neighborhood of Milford farm, Baltimore County, in consequence of a slave having been found hung by the neck and dead. His master, it is reported, gave him a severe chastisement and shortly after [the slave] was found in the condition named.

From The Sun Sept. 5-11, 1893

Sept. 8: MOUNT AIRY -- There was a large gathering of colored people at Wildwood Park today for an emancipation celebration.

Sept. 9: The beautiful new temple of Obeb Shalmom Hebrew Congregation on Eutaw Place at the corner of Lanvale Street, was dedicated with impressive ceremonies yesterday.

From The Sun Sept. 5-11, 1943

Sept. 5: The re-election of President Roosevelt for a fourth term is expected by a majority of businessmen, politicians and farmers in Baltimore and Harford counties, although the prediction of another Roosevelt victory was made grudgingly and with strongly voiced misgivings about the future on the part of some.

Sept. 6: Some 45,000 persons welcomed the first major Sunday sports event to the Stadium yesterday. Recently opened to sports on Sundays for the first time in twenty years, the Thirty-third Street bowl was the scene of a professional football game between the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers.

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