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September 05, 1993


Editor: I was very upset when I read the letter to the editor from Marcia Raffel, referring to "Rob's Ribs" [July 4].

Why is it that a small percentage of the public continues to try to force their views on the masses?

I am sure there are many more thousands of Marylanders who view having a barbecue as part of the tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July. Parades to celebrate our country's birth, fireworks and a barbecue, that's the 4th!

I personally was amazed to find out that one of the barbecue places in the article was around a mile away from my home and yet I was unaware of its existence until I read the article. When I went over there to sample their ribs, it was "standing room only," as hundreds of people came out to buy ribs!

After going over there and seeing how hard the people who were preparing these ribs had to work, I take my hat off to them.

I feel that the story shows an intricate part of the Fourth of July celebration for thousands of Marylanders and was a very appropriate cover story!

Milton E. Wiley Jr.

Hanover, Md.


Editor: On behalf of the board and membership of Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Metropolitan Baltimore I thank Linell Smith for her excellent article on Benson Stewart [July 11]. Because AMI is a grassroots organization, made up primarily of family members, we especially appreciate her sensitivity in reporting the facts about mental illness in a truthful but non-sensational way. We have gotten many calls from people who needed help, but didn't know where to turn. She has helped reach those in need on a scale that we've never heretofore achieved.

Susan B. Tager

Executive Director


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