Balkan Update

September 04, 1993

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic brushed aside a U.S warning that NATO could intervene against Serbs if the war intensified after the breakdown of peace talks. "I think someone is misinforming President Clinton," he said in BELGRADE. "The Serbs are not in the war any longer. We haven't fought the Croats for five months. We don't fight against the Muslims

except for some border incidents."

MOSTAR was wracked by tank and mortar fire at the end of a two-day truce. Meanwhile, fierce battles broke out in central Bosnia and the U.N. began evacuating wounded Croats from NOVA BILA, which is surrounded by forces of the Muslim-led government.

A U.S. air base at AVIANO, Italy, home to U.S. aircraft enforcing a no-fly zone over Bosnia, was attacked by gunmen who fired on sleeping quarters. No one was injured. A U.S. Air Force spokesman called it "a terrorist attack."

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