Around the house* Protect plumbing fixtures when painting...


September 04, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Protect plumbing fixtures when painting a kitchen or bathroom; cover faucets with plastic bags to protect them from spatters.

* Dry mop or vacuum hardwood floors frequently. Apply two thin coats of paste wax or a solvent-based liquid wax to clean floors. Allow to dry thoroughly and buff in the direction of the wood grain with an electric polishing machine.

* Use adhesive tape instead of straight pins to mark hem lengths and to hold decorative trim in place before sewing.

* Hand-washed sweaters can air-dry by spreading them out on an opened lawn chair. The webbing allows the air to circulate pTC around the sweater, which can retain its shape.

* Toddlers who balk at wearing bibs may be less reluctant to wear a bandanna around their necks before meal time. An old T-shirt can also protect clothing.

* Recycle plastic bags -- usually filled with sample products or advertisements -- that have been left hanging on your door. Use as trash bags while traveling in your car.

In the garden

* Place a can in the ground to measure precipitation. If less than an inch of water has fallen within any week, make sure plants receive supplemental water. Check plants in containers frequently because they dry out more quickly.

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