Bartlett's help sought to curb water pollution Hampstead farmer asks for report

September 03, 1993|By Katherine RichardsStaff Writer

A Hampstead dairy farmer asked Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett for help in persuading the Environmental Protection Agency to take action against water contamination stemming from the Black & Decker plant near his farm.

"We would like a little more action from the EPA," Stuart Leister said yesterday afternoon during a 90-minute meeting between area residents and the 6th District Republican at Hampstead's Town Hall.

The farmer said the federal agency should expand its testing of area wells and make information on the contamination available to the public.

The EPA is like the CIA, Mr. Leister said, because "they know a lot of information, but they don't tell us a lot."

He alleged that his cows are drinking contaminated water and said he had been unable to get a copy of an EPA report on the Hampstead contamination.

"When it's in the streams," Mr. Leister said, "I don't have a choice but to use it."

Mr. Bartlett said he would obtain a copy of the report for Mr. Leister if it is available.

Also yesterday, Mayor Clint Becker asked Mr. Bartlett to support construction of the proposed Route 30 bypass around Hampstead.

Although the road is under state, not federal, jurisdiction, Mr. Becker said, "It is one of the keys to improving Hampstead."

Mr. Bartlett told Mr. Becker he would write letters to state officials in support of the project.

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