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September 03, 1993

Land owner asks to build more homes than allowed

The owner of 12 acres southeast of Cape St. Claire is asking the county Board of Appeals for permission to build 12 houses there, three more than now allowed.

The property at the corner of Yorktown Road and the Route 50 Service Road could hold 10 single-family houses under current zoning. But the owner, Laico Development Inc., won approval in 1991 for a cluster development in hopes of building as many as 12 houses and leaving a large open space.

Those hopes were --ed, however, when a hearing officer required that the developer build at least 100 feet from roads or properties, a restriction that reduced the number of possible houses to nine.

Laico president George Laibson asked Robert Wilcox, the hearing officer, to relax that restriction this summer, but Mr. Wilcox declined.

Mr. Wilcox said in his July 8 decision that the request was "purely economic."

"This is not enough. It is not the function of zoning to maximize the economic return for property owners."

The appeals board is to consider whether to reduce or eliminate the buffer requirement at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 14. in Room 110 of the Arundel Center in Annapolis.

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