Suspect in theft charged WEST COUNTY -- Crofton * Odenton * Fort Meade * Gambrills

September 02, 1993

Two men who said they saw a man take a pack of baseball trading cards from a Crofton convenience store on Saturday chased the man and held him in a parking lot until county police arrived.

A police report says the man allegedly took a pack of Fleer Ultra Series baseball cards worth $1.70 from a shelf at a 7-Eleven store on Davidsonville Road.

According to the report, the store manager, Mary Cromwell, had asked the man to put the merchandise back on the shelf or pay for it. The report said the man refused, ran out of the store and jumped into his van.

The van wouldn't start, and police said the man got out, threw the cards into the air and ran into a parking lot at a nearby shopping center. The two other men caught him there.

Police said the van the man was driving had stolen license plates.

Ernest Raymond Thompson, 37, of the 12000 block of Foxhill Lane in Bowie, was charged with two counts of theft.

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