Referendum proposal rejected Public can't vote on ordinances SOUTHEAST--Sykesville * Eldersburg * Gamber

September 01, 1993|By Staff report

The Sykesville Town Council has rejected a proposal to give town residents the power to create new ordinances by referendum.

The council members had been advised that this power, which would have allowed residents to bypass the elected council completely, was unconstitutional, said Town Manager James L. Schumacher yesterday.

Two other types of referendum survived scrutiny of proposed changes to the town charter at Monday night's council meeting, he said. The council decided to retain a provision that would give residents referendum power to repeal existing ordinances. A change that would create a nonbinding advisory referendum also was kept.

Mr. Schumacher said the most substantive change being considered also survived the evening. This proposal would make the mayor a voting member of the council, but would eliminate the mayor's veto power.

He said the council decided by consensus to have the town attorneys prepare an updated text of the changes for a vote by the council at its Sept. 13 meeting. If the changes are approved then, he said, they will take effect 50 days later.

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