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September 01, 1993

Zoning panel approves Mount Airy comprehensive plan

The Mount Airy Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday unanimously approved a comprehensive plan that calls for new zoning and land use strategies, and for preserving the municipality's small-town character.

The comprehensive plan next goes to the Town Council for action. The council is expected to announce the date of a public hearing on the proposed plan at its Sept. 13 meeting.

Before approving the plan, the commission removed a proposal to create a neighborhood center -- an area that would allow a mix of homes and businesses -- behind the Mount Airy branch of the Carroll County Public Library.

Other centers will remain in the document.

L The comprehensive plan overhauls zoning categories, emphasiz

ing a variety of housing instead of large-lot developments. Most of the town's housing stock is either large-lot, expensive homes or town houses. The plan calls for more moderate-income housing.

NB Town officials have been working on the plan for three years.

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