Hampstead McDonald's seeks to add a playground

August 31, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

Somewhere in McDonaldland, Ronald McDonald is smiling. The Hampstead Planning and Zoning Commission last night gave unanimous but conditional approval for the Hampstead McDonald's restaurant to add a playground area.

The approval is conditional on approval of the plan by Anne Poissant, a county planner, and by Neil Ridgely, county program manager for landscaping and forest conservation.

Construction of the 900-square-foot addition to the restaurant, in the Roberts Field Shopping Center, will require moving a landscaped island, Commission member Terry Becker said. Mr. Ridgely wants the landscaping changes to be addressed on the site plan.

County planner Scott Fisher said the county's main concern with the project is that the correct number of parking spaces must be built and shown on the plan.

However, Commission Chairman Arthur Moler said he had spoken with Ms. Poissant yesterday and she had said the restaurant's final parking arrangements would be left to the town of Hampstead to decide.

Hampstead Town Manager John A. Riley said the plan will give the restaurant 63 parking spaces.

Also last night, the commission unanimously approved a request by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shifflett, of 1820 Lower Forty Lane, to reduce the width of utility and drainage easements at the side and rear of their lot from 20 feet to 10 feet.

Mr. Moler said the couple wanted to build a garage attached to their house, but the town's Board of Zoning Appeals had denied their request. The board said the garage would extend into the 20-foot utility easement.

Mr. Moler said the 20-foot easement was required when the home was built because the lot was on the edge of the housing development.

But, he said, because development in the area has continued, and the home is no longer on the periphery of the subdivision, Mr. Riley suggested that the easement could be halved.

The difference could be made up with another 10-foot easement the adjacent lot.

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