Free eye screenings offered for anyone 55 and older SOUTHEAST--Sykesville * Eldersburg * Gamber


August 31, 1993|By MAUREEN RICE

The eyes will have it on Sept. 11, at Eldersburg Care in the Country Village Shopping Center in Eldersburg.

From 9 a.m. until noon, doctors of ophthalmology from the Freidenwald Eye Institute of Maryland General Hospital will conduct free eye screening for anyone 55 or older.

"We will extend the hours to accommodate a large crowd," said Christina Peach, a registered nurse who is director of Eldersburg Care, "and we're hoping to see one. These doctors are doing this as a favor to me and our community. They don't usually do this kind of thing on weekends."

The screening will include tests for glaucoma, diabetic eye diseases, cataracts, retinal diseases, and diseases of the eye and lids.

Since good vision is so important, and disease caught in early stages is easier to correct than otherwise, call Eldersburg Care by Sept. 8 to reserve your spot.

L Speak to Ms. Peach or Lynn Warfield. The number is 795-4686.


This is the year that community service requirements for public school graduation take effect. Those who need to think about it ** have already been briefed on the bare bones of the necessary service, which has led to large waiting lists for volunteers in some places, such as the library.

Bravo to those who have already put some effort into meeting the requirements.

For those who haven't yet, but are aching to really make a difference with their 75 hours here in southeast Carroll, here are a few suggestions. If you follow them, you will meet interesting people, do some good work for others here in the community and, in all probability, have a wonderful time as well.

Right now is the time to call Deanna Hoffman at Piney Run Park, 795-6043, to sign up to help at the Apple Festival held there in late October. People are needed to organize games, serve food, sell tickets, direct traffic, even bake apple dumplings and pies. Call Ms. Hoffman; you'll make her day.

DTC Our two volunteer fire departments (Gamber and Sykesville-Freedom) will be thrilled to hear from you.

Carnivals are important sources of revenue for these departments, and they'll be delighted with your help to carry them off with style. The auxiliaries of both accept members 16 and older, but you don't have to commit to membership to help out with some of the work.

"There's no way we would turn a volunteer away," says Sue Tarrant, president of the Sykesville-Freedom Fire Company Auxiliary. "You need a lot of training to ride to a fire or on the ambulance, but we do a lot of banquets and dinners to raise funds for equipment, and we could really use a few young people to help with serving, stacking tables and chairs, things like that.

"We're hoping to see some young volunteers -- we know that they'll find they can have a lot of fun while doing an important service for the fire department."

Right now, Ms. Tarrant knows of three auxiliary activities, Sept. 11, 18 and 25. She would like volunteers to help with setting up chairs, tables, etc., in the hall. She estimates it will take a volunteer roughly 1 to 1 1/2 hours to complete the project, depending, of course, on how many join in.

Both fire departments have Junior Fire Companies that accept members as young as 12 (at 16 you can become a member of the fire company itself). The junior departments run booths at carnivals and do other functions that raise money for new equipment.

There are many jobs to do at a volunteer fire department, really something for everybody.

So to volunteer with a great bunch of volunteers, call the Sue Tarrant at 795-7122 for Sykesville-Freedom Fire Company Auxiliary, or call the Gamber Fire Hall at 795-3445 and leave a message for Ed Kreczmer, company president, or Jeanne Green, auxiliary president.

Outside of these areas, call your local fire company, they'll be glad to hear from you, too.

This is not at all an exhaustive list of what you can do in South Carroll. More next week, and those of you who would like to find some volunteers, please let me know -- I'll be glad to mention it here.

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