County nets $500,000 after Emory convictions Prosecutors seek more in drug case

August 31, 1993

County prosecutors so far have reaped more than $500,000 in cash and property from the drug convictions of James M. and Roger Emory and their co-defendants in what was considered the largest marijuana ring in county history.

Trevor Kiessling Jr., assistant state's attorney, said yesterday that George T. Johnson, convicted with the Emory brothers, has surrendered the most, including $270,000 in cash, a $250,000 waterfront house on Lombardee Circle in Glen Burnie, a 1984 Ford worth $10,000 and cash from bank accounts.

The county also kept $17,500 in cash from William Bailey Jr. and $1,546 from Philip Dulany.

The defendants kept at least $84,000, Mr. Kiessling said.

Mr. Kiessling said prosecutors still are pursuing several properties and bank accounts that are held by James and Patricia Emory and Roger and Linda Emory.

Patricia Emory, the former principal of Severna Park Elementary School, was charged in October as a drug kingpin, but those charges were dropped.

Still to be resolved are the status of James and Patricia's house on Villa Isle Court, the $12,500 in cash found under James Emory's bed, his 1986 Ford pickup truck, the $4,800 proceeds from the sale of his Ford Explorer, and his Melroe Bobcat, which is worth between $15,000 and $30,000.

The house is worth an estimated $400,000, but the Emorys owe about $150,000 on it, Mr. Kiessling said.

The state also is trying to claim the $27,000 in bank accounts belonging to Roger and Linda Emory, Mr. Kiessling said.

Under Maryland's drug forfeiture law, proceeds or goods purchased from the profits of illicit drug activities may be confiscated by state prosecutors, with a judge's approval. A Circuit Court hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 1, Mr. Kiessling said. Lawyers for the Emorys are contesting the seizures.

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