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August 31, 1993|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

A 25-year-old Baltimore man with a string of burglary and house break-in convictions was sentenced yesterday to 25 years without parole.

Marvin L. Skiles of the 6200 block of Ellicott St. was sentenced by Circuit Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr., ending a case that wound its way through the appellate courts.

Skiles was convicted of burglary and felony theft in June 1992.

According to testimony, police called to a Brooklyn Park home Nov. 8, 1991, found a door kicked in and Skiles inside the house with a gold ring on his right middle finger and a half-dozen pieces of jewelry in his pockets. Neither the home nor the jewelry was his.

No witnesses were called on Skiles' behalf, and he did not testify.

When Judge Thieme sentenced Skiles July 10, 1992, to 25 years without parole, he was bound by statutes requiring maximum sentences for third-time violent offenders.

The statutes give prosecutors the option of waiving the maximum penalty.

Judge Thieme agreed to reconsider the sentence after Skiles' attorney alleged in post-trial motions that prosecutors had been vindictive in seeking the maximum penalty for Skiles because he refused to plead guilty to lesser charges.

Deputy Public Defender James O. McCarthy said in court papers that Assistant State's Attorney Eugene M. Whissel II told him before trial he would waive the mandatory sentence if Skiles pleaded guilty to a lesser burglary count.

Mr. Whissel said at an Aug. 6, 1992, court hearing that he made no such offer.

State's Attorney Frank R. Weathersbee appealed Judge Thieme's decision to reconsider Skiles' sentence to the Court of Special Appeals.

The appeals court directed Judge Thieme on June 9 to reimpose the 25-year term.

Mr. Weathersbee said yesterday he feels 25 years without parole is fair for someone like Skiles, who was convicted of two previous house break-ins in Anne Arundel County and three burglaries in Baltimore.

Before yesterday's sentence, Skiles already was serving a 15-year sentence for a burglary in Baltimore.

"Every day of that 25 years that Mr. Skiles is in prison, means that we're just a little safer in this community," Mr. Weathersbee said.

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