SCHOOL bells are ringing again around the...


August 30, 1993

SCHOOL bells are ringing again around the country.

According to figures from the National Center for Education Statistics, 48.9 million children, from kindergarten to high school, will be attending class in both public and private schools across the nation in the new school year.

* * * TOO MUCH bad news, you say? It's an old complaint against the media. But now comes word of a new Swiss magazine that plans a remedy for gloom and doom. According to a Reuter report, the magazine plans to look at the bright side of life and report only positive news.

The German-language publication "Die Positive" aims to rejuvenate newspaper and magazine readers who have had more than their fill of depressing and worrisome news. The first issue, which appeared earlier this month, carried stories about pleasant music, plants with healing properties and success.

"Instead of saying that we have 4.6 percent unemployed we would report we are happy to have 95.4 percent employed," said Franz Buehler, the magazine's editor.

That reminds us of the old story about the newspaper that was determined to put a positive spin on events of the day. When a student carried a gun to a local school and shot the principal, the next-day's headline read: "647 students behave; 1 shoots principal."

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