Balkan Update

August 30, 1993

All three of Bosnia's warring parties prepared to return to GENEVA today to lay down their conditions for accepting a peace plan that would divide the republic into three mini-states. Any agreement to end Bosnia's 17-month war must come with U.N. Security Council guarantees and direct U.S. participation, the Muslim-led government said.

Bosnia's battlefronts were fairly quiet after the assemblies of the three warring communities voted on the Geneva peace plan Saturday. Croatian radio reported some fighting in central Bosnia where the Muslim-led government army and Croats are still battling to capture territory.

U.N. officials were negotiating with Croats and Muslims to establish a safe corridor for aid convoys into MOSTAR and arrange an exit for 53 Spanish U.N. peacekeepers trapped in the city's eastern Muslim sector. The Muslim quarter came under heavy fire from Croats, despite the presence of the peacekeepers. Three civilians were killed and 15 wounded by snipers.

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