Students: Sherise Bennett, 15, Glen Burnie resident, Glen...


August 30, 1993

Students: Sherise Bennett, 15, Glen Burnie resident, Glen Burnie High, and Joe Morgan, 15, Pasadena resident, Northeast High.

Accomplishments/Interests: Sherise and Joe both spent a portion of their summer as junior volunteers at Harbor Hospital

Sherise's mother, a licensed practical nurse in the Oncology Department at the hospital, told Sherise she wanted her to be involved in some activity this summer.

"I asked if Harbor Hospital had a volunteer program, so I went in and applied," Sherise said.

"I worked two days a week. One day I would be in the Social Work/Case Management Department doing office-kind of work. The second day I would work in an area where I helped feed patients, go around and see if they needed anything and went to patients when they paged for something.

"I got a chance to go into the physical therapy department. I liked that and think I might want to do something like that."

Sherise is an honor roll student and was recently named in the Who's Who Among American High School Students. As a student at Old Mill High last year, she was a member of the drill team.

Since her family has moved, Sherise will be a sophomore at Glen Burnie High, where she has her sights on participating in the dance program.

Although Wednesday was her last day working at the hospital, she said she would like to go back during Christmas break or other times she has off from school.

Joe, also a sophomore, became a volunteer after responding to a written invitation from the hospital's Volunteer Coordinator, Ann


He began volunteering almost as soon as school let out in June and will be working until tomorrow, the day before school begins.

L He worked as many as four days a week and eight hours a day.

His duties included helping to organize and catalog hospital supplies and deliver them to departments throughout the hospital.

He is seriously considering returning next summer to the hospital's volunteer ranks and would like to continue some occasional work during the school year, schedule permitting.

His experience at the hospital also might influence his career choice. "I would like to do something in the medical field, but I don't know what just now."

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