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August 30, 1993

Residents question town's special tax district

The Maryland Court of Appeals has agreed to hear a lawsuit filed by Cape St. Claire residents challenging the legality of the community's special tax district.

A group of nine residents has said they shouldn't be taxed foservices they don't use, such as private clubhouses not open to the general public and built with money from special benefit district funds.

The county has 38 special taxing districts, which must be formed by a majority of homeowners and are created to raise money for services the county can't provide.

The protesting residents also are questioning whether the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association represents the majority of property owners when allotting special tax district funds.

Cape St. Claire's special district was created in 1989 to handle items such as trash removal.

Homeowners pay an extra $34.34 each year.

D8 The court is scheduled to hear the case in November.


* Severna Park: Stereo equipment and other property was stolen from a 1986 Ford Bronco parked in the driveway of a home in the 600 block of Creek Road between midnight and 3 p.m. Tuesday. The property was valued at $1,128.

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