New scratch league offers big payoff


August 29, 1993|By DON VITEK

It's just about impossible to walk into a bowling center and not hear hot-shot tenpin bowlers moaning because there aren't enough big-money leagues for them.

They would like to bowl for big money but they like to put up little money.

Fact: when there's a chance to bowl for big money the scratch bowlers suddenly become very scarce. Hold a qualifier for a pro event, men or women, and some embarrassingly low figures become apparent.

Just this summer an event was conducted for scratch bowlers who could compete, not just for a load of money, but for the prestige of being named Baltimore's Best. Huge turn out, right? Wrong. Thirty-nine men and women signed up.

Currently approximately 18,000 sanctioned members of the Greater Baltimore Bowling Association are on the books.

But hope springs eternal. Sharon Barry and Barbie Bryant are offering area bowlers a chance to join a scratch league at Brunswick Normandy and pick up a big check at the end of the season. "It's really Sharon's brainchild," Bryant said. "But I'm for it 100 percent."

If you're a serious tenpin bowler, here's the chance to compete in a great center for a large amount of prize money.

The format will be a mixed scratch league with a maximum team average of 825 for the four members. It can be three and one or two and two on the teams. The averages that will be used will be from the 1992-93 yearbook. Based on 10 teams the guaranteed first-place money will be $3,000.

The league will start Sept. 8 at 9:15 p.m. The league meeting will be begin at 7:30 p.m.

"We're looking for a great turnout and a great season," Barry said. "After all this is one of the few leagues that both men and women can compete for big bucks, and it's what everyone says that they want."

For more information, call Barry at (410) 788-1930, Bryant at (410) 788-6148 or Brunswick Normandy at (410) 465-0355.

"I bowled last season at Country Club Lanes because everyone said that I'd score higher there but I didn't see that happen," Barry said.

Barry carried a 165 average there; in the past she posted career-high figures of 244 for a single game and 623 for a series.

In the 1991 season at Normandy she took the Triple Crown in the Captain and Crew league, 167 average, 244 single game and 596 series.

"Scoring conditions at Normandy are great," Bryant said. "I'm using a Teal Rhino that Wayne Stepp [owner of the Glen Burnie Pro Shop] fitted and drilled for me and it's working great, with a lot of snap at the back end."

In the spring, Bryant shot a 688 series at Normandy with 254, 235 and 199 games. This month she fired games of 218, 247 and 206 for a 671 series.

Her career high game is 266, high set is the recent 688.

"I carried a 189 at Normandy in the Monday Mixed league," she said. "That was better than the average I carried in the Thursday Mixed at Country Club."

Why the surge? "I'm practicing more," she said. "I'm throwing quite a few games every week and it's starting to pay off. And the Teal Rhino's helping."

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