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August 29, 1993

Civilians Misread The Military

Mike Littwin should write commentaries and not take goofy uneducated stabs at the military. With one column (Aug. 16) he has proven that he, not the Marines, is one of the they-don't-get-it guys.

When people join the military, they give up a lot of their privacy and rights. A case in point is Maj. Gen. Harold N. Campbell's forced resignation for stating facts that any civilian can state without fear of reprisals.

Mr. Littwin proves in his column that he does not understand the military by guessing what the essence of being a Marine is. He also implies that what he thinks he knows about the military he learned from school and Hollywood, much like our commander-in-chief. He must do a lot of his research like many journalists -- by watching TV.

As for the observation that Ronald Reagan liked to play a soldier in the movies, that may be true, but Mr. Reagan also served in the real-life military. Mr. Reagan's view that military greatness is synonymous with American greatness is a fact. This "view" directly resulted in America and the other free nations of the earth winning the Cold War.

Our country is not great because civilians run the military but because the military does not run the country. After all, the Russian military was controlled by Mikhail Gorbachev, a civilian, and look at the atrocities it committed at his bidding.

While I do not necessarily agree with the policy, we would all do well to realize that not one military directive has ever been issued to set social policy in this country. Military directives are designed and issued to keep America's armed forces focused, trained and to promote readiness so that they can win when the president does call without a large loss of American lives.

Patrick T. Richards


Anti-Catholic Bias

KAL's papal cartoon (Aug. 13) was another example of The Sun's anti-Catholic bias on its editorial pages. The only sin of our time is intolerance, and the only virtue is sensitivity. Why, then, do you keep picking on us? Why are Catholics and Protestant fundamentalists the only exceptions to the rule of not offending anyone?

In secular terms, John Paul II is one of the giants of this century and of any century. It is he, not Ronald Reagan, who is responsible for the collapse of Marxism and the ))

end of the Cold War.

From the Catholic perspective, he is one of the holiest and greatest popes in history. Simple decency, and a certain "sensitivity" for the half-billion Catholics in the world, should have stayed the hand that drew that appalling insult to a saintly, fearless and noble man.

I am not really as angry as I sound. What the church in America needs is a good, old-fashioned persecution. We are faced with apostasy, heresy and schism in the church in the United States, even among the bishops. . . .

An acute episode of the chronic anti-Catholicism that has always been around is just what we need to get the church leaner and meaner, more faithful and more holy. Keep up the good work.

The church has survived and triumphed over far worthier opponents than The Baltimore Sun.

Patrick Lally

Havre de Grace

Assault Weapons

In your "On The Nation" section of Aug. 13, you stated that semi-automatic "assault weapons" are favored by gang members and despised by police.

Gang members favor many things -- fancy cars, for example. However, more than 99 percent of fancy cars, as well as more than 99 percent of "assault weapons" (both categories defy solid definitions), are owned by citizens with no intent of criminal misuse.

Meanwhile, police departments have bought many firearms that could be classified as "assault weapons," indicating that they favor them, not despise them.

Karl Hayhurst

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Welfare System

With regards to the Aug. 5 article on welfare clients' grievances, the system is in need of many revisions but let's look at the other side of the situation:

The caseworker is overburdened with too large a caseload. The support personnel are subjected to abusive language, constant telephone calls and a waiting room full of impatient, petulant customers. The frustration of the clients are taken out on a exhausted staff, thus the needy sometimes suffer with the undeserving.

George Pfeiffer

Bel Air

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