25 Years Ago (Week of Aug. 18-25, 1968):* Unitec Products...


August 29, 1993

25 Years Ago (Week of Aug. 18-25, 1968):

* Unitec Products Inc. announced that it would construct an automated factory in Howard County to manufacture lightweight concrete roofing tiles. The facility would employ about 25 people.

* Allview resident Herman S. Preiser was elected to the board of directors of the National Society for Autistic Children. He and his wife had been involved with the proposal to establish the Child Study Center in Howard County, where handicapped children were tested and placed in a classroom environment best suited to their individual needs.

50 Years Ago (week of Aug. 22-28, 1943):

* A 17-year-old Ellicott City youth was held on charges of %J assaulting and attempting to rape a 10-year-old girl. The incident took place on Church Road in Ellicott City.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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