From The Sun Aug. 29-Sept 4, 1843Aug. 29: We saw yesterday...


August 29, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 29-Sept 4, 1843

Aug. 29: We saw yesterday a rare and beautiful bird called the Bill Bird, brought in the schooner Roxana from the coast of St. Blas, between Porto Bello and Carthagena.

Sept. 1: Fell's Point -- The general improvement that has taken place in the appearance of Fell's Point within a few years past, cannot fail to be observed by all who have occasion to pass through its limits.

From The Sun Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 1893

Aug. 29: Yesterday was a busy day at the county fair grounds at Timonium. Horses and cattle, sheep and hogs were coming in from all directions and carloads of machinery were being unloaded and put in position.

Sept. 1: The Orioles won their last game of the series with Cleveland at Union Park yesterday by 11 to 6.

Sept. 2: Everything is in readiness for the opening of the Johns Hopkins Medical School October 2 next. The faculty of the school has been selected and the school's temporary quarters will be in the pathological department of the hospital.

From The Sun Aug.29-Sept. 4, 1943

Aug. 29: A Johns Hopkins unit commanded by Col. George G. Finney, and a University of Maryland Hospital unit, commanded by Lieut. Murray M. Copeland, are staffing army hospitals in the Fiji Islands, the War Department disclosed yesterday.

Aug. 31: In "A New Life," presented at the Maryland Theater last night for the first time, playwright Elmer Rice startled the audience with a close-up portrait of a woman in childbirth.

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