The New 'Raven' Quoth The Public: The Raven

August 27, 1993

Susan Fragola Shelby, 32, of Ellicott City is a computer scientist with the Department of Defense. In her entry, she updated Poe's classic poem:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I slumbered, so securely,

Oh, the sorrow thrust upon me, in forgotten Baltimore.

While they nestled, nicely napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of someone slyly stealing, stealing them from Baltimore.

" 'Tis the thiefman," they all muttered, "Come to make us play no more --

& In beloved Baltimore."

Ah, distinctly I remember 'twas in March but seemed December,

As each separate saddened member of the team walked out the door.

But the fact is we were napping, and so gently he came rapping.

In the morning, came the tapping, tapping at their chamber door,

And we thought we'd never lose them -- 'till we opened up the door --

0$ Darkness there and nothing more.

Deep into the darkness peering, long we stood there, wondering, fearing,

Doubting they would e'er return to charming, cheering Baltimore.

And the silence was unbroken; in all those years no words were spoken;

No one dared to hope for football, football back in Baltimore.

Then the whispers quietly echoed, echoed, echoed, "Score, team, score!"

+ Dare we hope this evermore?

Startled at the stillness broken by the hopes of those who've spoken,

Think I, "Could there now be football, football back in Baltimore?"

Come to Camden, in the daylight -- we'll forget the flight at midnight.

Will you come and make it all right, all right here for evermore?

Now we're shouting, shouting, "Welcome! Welcome home to Baltimore!"

-! And you'll stay here evermore

On the field at Camden Stadium, the football team they'll call the Ravens

Join the baseball birds, the Orioles, and share the nest where they'll too soar.

They'll come here and never leave us. Ravens, Ravens, please believe us!

Will you come here and relieve us -- welcome here for evermore?

Will you come and stay here with us, happy here for evermore?

-! Quoth the Ravens, "Evermore!"


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