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Md. mover shines under beam of R.I. lighthouse Shore firm proposed a creative way to transport 118-year-old landmark

August 26, 1993|By Tom Keyser | Tom Keyser,Staff Writer

Then Jerry Matyiko and the Expert crew will leave for home. International Chimney workers will remain on the island and begin building new basement walls.

Mr. Matyiko will return about the first of October, and his crew will remove the beams and pack up. Workers will patch up the holes with brick, and the building will stand on its own again.

Residents of Block Island hope to relight and renovate the lighthouse in the next year or two.

The Southeast Lighthouse was not the only old jewel threatened by neglect and erosion. The tallest and best-known lighthouse in the country, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the sandy Outer Banks of North Carolina, is also endangered. Recently renovated, it may be the next lighthouse to be moved.

Mr. Matyiko's eyeballs nearly pop out of his head at the mention of it. He says that would be the job of the century.

But for now, Mr. Matyiko basks on Block Island. He's been interviewed and photographed and even signed an autograph. It's been a rare moment in the spotlight for a house mover from the Eastern Shore.

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