Lineup shake-up at Northeast touches social studies department


August 25, 1993|By PAT O'MALLEY

It's back to the classroom for county teachers and coaches today, but at Northeast it's not a routine day for the social studies department.

The Northeast social studies department was full of coaches who have been transferred or reprimanded. Among those involved in the much ballyhooed shake-up are longtime baseball coach Harry Lentz and former athletic director Bob Grimm.

Lentz, who will receive a new assignment today as a result of a sexual harassment charge, and Grimm once were considered mainstays in the Northeast community.

Grimm was involved in a dispute with Northeast principal Joseph Carducci and was transferred to Meade last year, but he starts this year at North County.

The two moves are only a couple of many around the county, leaving a bundle of questions without answers to start the school year.

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If Lentz ends up at another school instead of being assigned to administrative duty on Riva Road, will he coach baseball again?

Could Lentz and Grimm be reunited at North County with Knights baseball coach Don Usewick looking over his shoulder if Grimm were to become A.D. at North County?

If Grimm became A.D. at North County, would that free current A.D. Mike Baker to take over the boys basketball team with Brad Wilson stepping aside and concentrating on being a football assistant to Chuck Markiewicz?

Baker coached basketball at Brooklyn Park before it merged with Andover to become North County.

And how's this for a illogical coaching situation? Kenny Dunn and Denny DeWitt are phys-ed teachers at South River and Annapolis, respectively, but Dunn is an assistant football coach at Annapolis and DeWitt, an assistant football coach at South River. In the spring, Dunn is head baseball coach at South River and DeWitt is his assistant.

With all of that in mind, why couldn't Lentz teach or work somewhere else, but still remain baseball coach at Northeast?

If Lentz doesn't return as head baseball coach at Northeast, wouldn't Al Kohlhafer be his likely successor? Lentz once told me that Kohlhafer had as much to do with his 300 wins as he did, so the program wouldn't miss a beat, would it?

* Did you know that Northeast football coach Bart Rader was upset that his Eagles were unable to spend their two-week August practice time at an Eastern Shore retreat (Camp Pecometh) for the first time in 14 years?

The camp wasn't available and Rader has been holding preseason workouts in Pasadena.

* Has ex-Meade three-year football coach Hayse Henderson (8-22) noticed that the Mustangs had their biggest turnout for football (nearly 100) in four years under new head coach Jerry Hartman?

"[Meade athletic director Ralph] Beachley called me and asked if I had 30 extra helmets," said Severna Park A.D. and head football coach Andy Borland, who didn't have them to lend.

* Did you know that St. Mary's athletic director Carmine Blades is hot that Broadneck wouldn't schedule the Saints football team and instead added Calvert Hall to its schedule?

"They could make a lot of money at the gate by playing us," said Blades. "They certainly won't have as big a gate for Calvert Hall."

Blades also said, "We would love to be in the state association [Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association], too, and would follow their rules to the 'T,' but they won't let the private schools in.

"The MSA [Maryland Scholastic Association] is now just private schools and will probably be dissolved at our fall meeting."

* Don't natural rivals Annapolis and Severna Park also feel slighted because Broadneck in its move down from Class 4A to 3A dropped both of those 4A schools from its football schedule?

Did you know that in its quest to make the state football playoffs, Broadneck is in the 3A East region with longtime Baltimore powers Poly and City? Won't it be just as tough for the Bruins to make it to postseason now as when they were in the Class 4A League?

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