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August 25, 1993|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

Union Bridge will help residents with spring cleaning, but every household will have to fend for itself in the fall.

A semiannual free trash collection is straining the town budget, said Mayor Perry L. Jones Jr.

The fall cleanup day fell to the budget ax when Councilman Bret Grossnickle said "once a year is enough."

The Town Council voted unanimously Monday to cancel the service, usually scheduled for a Saturday in October. Spring cleanup is safe for now and remains on the municipal calendar.

Traditionally, the town has scheduled two courtesy days annually when residents can bring bulk trash items to the town parking lot. The town provides large trash bins at no charge and transports the discards to the county landfill.

The courtesy is becoming too costly. With trash bin rental costs and a $40-per-ton tipping fee assessed by the county at the landfill, each seasonal cleaning costs the town about $1,200, said the mayor.

The day takes a toll on volunteers, too. "If you want a day of abuse, go down there," Mr. Jones said. "People get irate when they have to wait with a full load of trash for a truck to return from the landfill."

Residents will have to store large items until spring or arrange for disposal on their own. "We usually get four to five truckloads of trash," the mayor said. "With what we collected last spring, there shouldn't be anything left."

Council members, who have all had turns staffing the trash bins on cleanup days, all said experience tells them much will remain.

The mayor said the town's contract hauler picks up "almost anything except the really big items." The courtesy days are no longer cost-effective.

"The landfill takes white goods for free from individuals," Mr. Jones said. "When we load them onto our trucks, they are counted as weight and we are charged."

The county usually offers all residents a free landfill day in October, he said. The town will note that day in its monthly newsletter.

"People will have to do their own transporting," he said.

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