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August 25, 1993|By LARRY STURGILL

Being among those who are designated as overweight, I have tried losing pounds in a zillion different ways. This includes many of the so-called "fad" diets, which, according to the supermarket tabloids my wife brings home, guarantee they will take the pounds off and keep them off.

I once lost 10 pounds in two weeks on one of those Q eat-all-the-fruit-you-want diets. However, there were side effects, and the sight of certain fruit still makes me shudder on occasion.

I also lost nearly 10 pounds in just two days when I had a stomach virus, but I don't recommend this method of weight loss. It is interesting to note that the side effects are much the same as those of the fruit diet.

In the long run, unfortunately, all those weight-loss efforts were unsuccessful because I love to eat and usually shy away from any form of regular exercise.

I also lack the necessary will power to overcome these weaknesses. It is this lack of will power that is the downfall of most people who try to lose weight.

But, don't give up. There is help available!

The Howard County General Hospital has scheduled a new 12-week weight-reduction program for those interested in losing 10 to 40 pounds.

The program will induce weight loss of one to two pounds per week and includes individual counseling and planned exercise programs. It is the counseling, which teaches you how to train your mind and body to work together, that is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

The program will begin in mid-September, and will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Mondays in the HCGH Health Education Center.

The total cost of the program is $225, and it is well worth every penny from a health standpoint.

& Information: 740-7600.


Quilt-making is an art form enjoying a quiet renaissance as more and more young people take up the craft. In years past, the techniques of quilting were passed down from mother to daughter, and grandmother to grandchild. Today, it is also taught in classes for those desiring to learn the skill.

The monthly Afternoon Tea at Oakland Manor, on Vantage Point Road on Sept. 2, will offer a display of quilting art and a demonstration of techniques by celebrated Columbia quilter Jeanne Benson.

Jan Morrison, the director at Oakland, notes that Ms. Benson's work is displayed at Montpelier, the Virginia home of President James Madison, the Smithsonian Institution and was promently displayed at the recent Columbia Festival of the Arts.

Ms. Benson is known for combining traditional and contemporary designs and her hand applique techniques, and wrote a definitive book on hand applique called, "The Art and Technique of Applique."

OC The cost of the three-course afternoon tea is $10. Reservations

are required.

& Information: 730-4801.


The Wilde Lake High School drama department is in the midst of fund-raiser to help finance productions during the school year.

The students have joined with Antonelli's Pizza Co. and will be calling homes in the Wilde Lake and West Columbia area through Sept. 3.

If you would like to place an order, call Antonelli's Pizza at (301) 776-3365.


An early registration is suggested for the 18 and older Modern Jazz dance classes, with dance instructor Bobbie Bjorklund to be held at Linden Hall in Dorsey's Search.

Beginners and intermediates are welcome to join the 10-week session, which will begin on Oct. 7 and run through Dec. 16. Classes will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursdays.

The cost is $80, and preregistration is required.

For additional information, call Ms. Bjorklund at 992-8908, or the folks at Linden Hall, 730-4005.


Here's more dancing, and one of my favorites.

Teens and adults can have fun learning the ancient art of belly dancing at Linden Hall. Four separate courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced belly dancers are available on Thursdays and Saturdays, beginning Sept. 11, and continuing through Oct. 23.

WORLDancer instructor Sherry Coffey teaches both folkloric and Oriental belly dance styles, and mixes in some of the more modern Middle Eastern styles, too.

Ms. Coffey will also teach Hawaiian hula classes for dancers 11 and older.

The cost of each course is $35, and preregistration is required.

For additional information on the starting date and time of each course, call 730-4005.


Attention all drivers!

School starts on Monday, and thousands of our kids will be along the roads waiting for buses or walking to and from school.

5) Be alert, and please drive carefully!

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