Lutrey at BRRC finish line with pending move abroad


August 24, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

Founder and organizer, inveterate record keeper and starter of sprints and runs alike, Scott Lutrey finally is off course on the Baltimore Road Runners Club's 13-year-old Summer Track Series.

That's because Lutrey, wife Ellen -- both computer programmers for the federal government -- and their two children will be relocating to England early next month for a three-year &r assignment.

"We've been trying to get someplace else for a few years just to experience something different," Lutrey, 39, said Sunday from his Severna Park home. "Ellen and I are both natives of this area. We've never been anyplace else except for college. We think it would be extremely interesting to experience another culture."

The only delay is the date of departure for their move to North Yorkshire County.

"We're waiting on the Army transportation department to see when they're going to pack us," Lutrey said.

Lutrey, an ardent track runner as well as road racer, was the inspiration behind the BRRC's annual five-part summer series.

"I married into it," says Ellen, a road racer who has run a 37-minute 10K and has a personal record of 60 minutes, 44 seconds for 10 miles.

"The track series started in '81 and we got married in '82," says Scott. "By the time we met, I had been running for 11 years. I had been officiating high school and college meets for nearly that long."

Along the way, he also has run in a dozen of the Howard County Striders' 24-Hour Relays.

"I've run in 24 [24-hour relays]," Lutrey says. "I've run 12 of the ones here. And the other 12 I ran when I was in school at Williams College."

Peace Run

Gary Pedroni of Baltimore finished the four-month-long Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in New York Aug. 14.

"We had basically 10 to 15 runners with us the whole time," said Pedroni, who ran in all of the contiguous states. "Some people stayed out on the run for the entire four months. Of the original 12, six of us stayed out for the entire run."

Pedroni turned 45 June 30 "on the run in central Washington."

"The response of the American people was way beyond our expectations," he said. "We had lots of local runners join us at every stop. It really showed the power of the peace torch."

For those interested, plans for the next run -- in 1995 -- are under way.


The Bill Brown Youth Cross Country Series will offer age-group competition for youths 13 years and under and will be held at John Carroll High on Oct. 17 and 31 and Nov. 14 at 2:15 p.m. For information, call Bill Blewett at (410) 879-2168. . . . The week's top finishers:


BRRC Towson Twosome Goucher College Males: Open -- 1. Bea Marie Fritsch, James Garrett, 22:40; 2. Nathan Boyer, Cindy Carpenter, 23:30; 3. Mimi Wood, Greg Watson, 23:34. Married -- 1. Mark, Carole Rosasco, 24:43; 2. Charlotte, Steve Thomas, 25:43; 3. John, Sabine Roemer IV, 25:57. Masters -- 1. Peter, Ruth Hens, 28:14.


WRRC WMC 10K Track Run At Western Maryland College Males: 1. Paul Hannsen, 20, 35:05; 2. Doug Ripley, 25, 36:53; 3. Bob Hugg, 40, 36:56; 4. Tom Smith, 45, 37:14; 5. Bob McCubbin, 33, 38:26; 6. Bob Leatherman, 41, 38:40; 7. John Hecox, 23, 38:52; 8. Ed Harte, 34, 38:54; 9. Dave Ramsey, 37, 39:27.

Females: 1. Shannon Hugg, 16, 46:58.


RASAC Airfield Run 2.7-miler At Aberdeen Proving Ground Males: 1. James Pryde, 13:47; 2. Eric Estrada, 14:22; 3. Mark Bogardy, 14:35; 4. Nathan Boyer, 14:46; 5. Bucky Sexton, 14:54; 6. Matt Piotrowski, 15:25; 7. Brian Carlson, 15:44; 8. Stephen Moxey, 16:09; 9. Mark Stern, 16:15; 10. Fred Carlson, 16:20.

Females: 1. Margaret Starnes, 17:08; 2. Angela Parrish, 18:03; 3. Laurie Cicero, 18:20; 4. Christy Moon, 18:27; 5. Claudia Reinhart, 19:28; 6. Betty Lou Tucker, 19:34; 7. Cathleen Cosenza, 19:53; 8. Beth Rappold, 20:52; 9. Marjy Rawle, 21:20; 10. Judith Gilbert, 21:37.

Coming events

Tomorrow, HCS Summer Series #9, Oakland Mills Middle School, 6:30 p.m., (410) 964-1998.

Saturday, BRRC A Place for Your Pace, Loch Raven Reservoir, 8 a.m., (410) 666-1840.

Saturday, Hampstead 5K Run for Cancer, Hampstead, 8 a.m.

Saturday, BRRC Preseason Cross Country 5K, McDonogh, 9 a.m., (410) 666-1840.

Saturday, Tank Yard Biathlon (2.2M run, 14.4M bike, 2.2M run), Aberdeen Proving Ground-Edgewood Area, 5 p.m., (410) 882-6103.

Sunday, Annapolis Striders' Ten-Mile Run, Navy-Marine Corps

Stadium, 7:50 a.m., (410) 268-1165.

Sept. 2, RASAC Mile, Half-Mile and Quarter-Mile Races, Bel Air High School, 6:30 p.m., (410) 838-3364.

Sept. 4, BRRC A Place for Your Pace, Loch Raven Reservoir, 8 a.m., (410) 666-1840.

Sept. 4, Sri Chinmoy Runners Are Smilers 2-miler, Patterson

Park, 8 a.m.

Sept. 5, RASAC Sweet Air Trail Run 5-miler, Sweet Air, 8 a.m.

Sept. 5, HCS-MCRRC Cross County Challenge 7-miler, Patuxent River State Park, 8 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Sept. 6, Provident Bank Labor Day 8K Run, St. Agnes Hospital, 8:30 a.m., (410) 494-8649.

Sept. 6, Run for Old Glory 5K, Cumberland, 8:30 a.m., (301) 729-3615.

Sept. 11, BRRC A Place for Your Pace, Loch Raven Reservoir, 8 a.m., (410) 666-1840.

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