Bakery pleads for sidewalk sandwich boards

August 24, 1993|By Staff Report

The Westminster City Council agreed to take another look at sidewalk sandwich boards last night after hearing an impassioned plea from the owner of a West Main Street bakery.

"We are decaying. We're bleeding," said Heinz Luesse, owner of Heinz Bakery. He said he needs a sandwich board advertising sign to attract potential customers who are driving through Westminster.

Current city law does not allow sandwich board signs on sidewalks for downtown businesses, although the law does allow merchants to get permits to put items out on the sidewalks.

The council did not take a formal vote, but Councilman Stephen R. Chapin Sr. reiterated the concern he expressed at the Aug. 9 meeting that the signs would pose a safety hazard.

"Who's walking down the street? There are a few bums," Mr. Luesse said.

"I walk down the street," Mr. Chapin replied. He said pedestrians who weren't watching could trip over a sandwich board sign.

Councilman Damian L. Halstad, chairman of the public improvements committee, volunteered to meet with Mr. Luesse and look at possible ways to make his business more visible. Mr. Halstad is expected to bring a recommendation to the Sept. 13 council meeting.

In other action, the council:

* Received a $25 contribution for crime prevention from Phyllis Anderson, representing Neighborhoods United. The new organization was formed by residents of West Main and Union streets and Pennsylvania Avenue as a citizen effort to prevent and report crimes.

* Expanded a proposal from vacationing Mayor W. Benjamin Brown, who left a memo seeking council endorsement for statewide legislation to expand drug-free school zones to nursery schools. The council decided instead to ask the Maryland Municipal League to support legislation that would allow town governing boards to declare the entire town a drug-free zone.

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