UM seeks tuition rise of 8% a year 4-year proposal would boost cost to $3,669 by '98

August 24, 1993|By Thomas W. Waldron | Thomas W. Waldron,University of Maryland System AdministrationStaff Writer

Determined to bolster revenue in the wake of repeated cuts in state funding, the University of Maryland College Park plans significant increases in tuition for Maryland residents over the next four years.

The increases for in-state undergraduates at Maryland's flagship campus will average between 8 percent and 9 percent a year -- pushing tuition costs from $2,669 this coming year to $3,669 in 1998 -- under a proposal by College Park administrators. The first year of that plan is likely to be approved by the University of Maryland Board of Regents this week.

"It enables us to move ahead with some of our initiatives for the enhancement of undergraduate education," College Park President William E. Kirwan said of the four-year plan. "Given the decline in state support to meet our aspirations for quality, we unfortunately have to rely on some increase in tuition."

Although the campus has raised tuition significantly to cope with the state's budget crunch of the last few years, the proposed increases are nonetheless considered dramatic. The proposal means that tuition at College Park will have doubled in less than eight years.

College Park's long-term plans became public yesterday as the regents' finance committee approved tuition raises for the 1994-95 academic year for all 11 campuses in the University of Maryland System. The full board is expected to ratify the new tuition rates when it meets Friday at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Next year's tuition for in-state undergraduates will jump in varying amounts within the UM system, from 9.5 percent at College Park to no increase at Coppin State College in Baltimore.

Bills for out-of-state undergraduates at some campuses will go up substantially as the system begins phasing out its subsidy for non-Marylanders. At the University of Baltimore, for example, out-of-state undergraduate students will pay 15 percent more next year.

Tuition throughout the UM system has climbed dramatically the last three years to help make up for significantly reduced state funding.

At College Park -- which has seen a 19 percent drop in state funding since 1991 -- tuition for in-state undergraduates has gone from $1,765 during the 1990-91 academic year to the proposed figure of $2,919 next fall. That does not include room and board charges.

The proposed increases reflect a policy, approved by the regents in June, calling for the state to stop subsidizing out-of-state students. The tuition policy also calls on campuses to charge Maryland residents for as much as 45 percent of the cost of their education.

With the increase proposed for next year, in-state undergraduates at College Park would pay about 32 percent of the cost of their education. After four years of similar increases, .. Maryland residents would pay close to 40 percent of the actual cost.

At Towson State University, in-state students already pay a relatively high share of the cost of their education, and officials there are projecting increases of only about 4 percent a year the next four years.

The University of Maryland Baltimore County, which has the highest in-state tuition in the system, is planning a 7 percent tuition increase next year and only inflation-driven increases following that.

At some campuses, the regents' new tuition policy would mean substantial increases for non-Marylanders over four years.

At College Park, out-of-state students already pay their full share and will see only modest increases the next four years, Dr. Kirwan said.


This chart shows full-time undergraduate tuition for the 11 campuses in the University of Maryland System for the school year beginning this fall and the proposed charges for the 1994-1995 academic year. In-state In-state Out-of-state Out-of-state

Institution ........... 1993-94 ... 1994-95 ... 1993-94 ... 1994-95

Bowie State ............ $2,079 .... $2,141 .... $4,471 .... $4,869

Coppin State ........... 2,073 ..... 2,073 ..... 4,146 ..... 4,645

Frostburg State ........ 2,260 ..... 2,431 ..... 4,890 ..... 5,428

Salisbury State ........ 2,260 ..... 2,328 ..... 4,928 ..... 5,130

Towson State ........... 2,323 ..... 2,453 ..... 4,825 ..... 5,453

Univ. of Baltimore ..... 2,498 ..... 2,648 ..... 4,738 ..... 5,448

UM Baltimore Co. ....... 2,736 ..... 2,928 ..... 7,992 ..... 7,992

UM College Park ........ 2,669 ..... 2,919 ..... 8,273 ..... 8,723

UM Eastern Shore ....... 2,674 ..... 2,741 ..... 7,401 ..... 7,401

UM University College*.... 160 ....... 169 ....... 175 ....... 184

Note: UM at Baltimore varies by department; * per credit hour

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