Is out with its January 1994 catalog. Among...


August 23, 1993

POCKET BOOKS is out with its January 1994 catalog. Among its offerings will be the paperback edition of "the story that has all America talking" -- "Amy Fisher: My Story," by Amy Fisher with Sheila Weller.

"Here at last," says the catalog text, "is Amy Fisher's story -- revealed by one of the only two people who know the truth about the events that led to that terrible May day on Long Island when Amy Fisher's gun went off and a bullet smashed into the head of Mary Jo Buttafuoco. . . More than 245,000 hardcover copies in print . . . 'Steamy tell-all!' -- New York Daily News."

Pocket Books must know something we don't, though. It lists the book under the category "fiction."

* * *

BALTIMORE -- the City that Reads -- has had plenty of time to scan the banner that stretches across North Charles just a few feet south of Read Street.

In fact the banner has hung there for more than two months, possibly even since the middle of May. A public service announcement, like so many banners that adorn the city, it is there to promote a walk around Charles Village, just a couple of miles to the north.

The problem is that the banner virtually obscures the two traffic signals at Read and North Charles Street for the north-bound traffic coming through Washington Place.

And with the irregularity of the lights, one never knows whether it follows the flow of north-bound traffic and is green or, as with many other city traffic lights, is out of sequence and thus has turned red.

Another problem, of course, is that after all this time, it's hard to tell whether the sign is a holdover from this year's Charles Village Walk, which was held June 6, or an indication of the foresight of the walk's promoters who want to attract participants for next year.

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