Was Reggie Lewis' Choice Unusual?It is always a shock when...


August 22, 1993

Was Reggie Lewis' Choice Unusual?

It is always a shock when a good young family man dies abruptly. However, Reggie Lewis selectively ignored advice and a consequence died doing what he compulsively enjoyed. In a perverse and prolonged way, aren't millions of smokers and drinkers doing the same thing every day?

Quentin D. Davis


Child Abuse

According to an article in The Sun (Aug. 9) about a child custody case in which the names were not revealed, Harford County Circuit Court Judge Cypert Whitfill, "who had convicted a father of child sexual abuse and placed him on probation, agreed to allow the man unsupervised overnight visits with the child." Judge Whitfill later transferred this case to Judge Maurice Baldwin who "awarded full custody of the child to the father."

It is appalling that these two judges who had full knowledge that this child's father had sexually abused her did not act in her best interest or offer her any kind of protection. . . . I can only hope that this is not the law in Harford County.

Even if it is, both of these judges showed deplorable judgment. It is bad enough when this happens to children under the cover of darkness. But when it is ordered to happen in broad daylight by a government official, something is terribly wrong.

Lucy Strausbaugh


Ode to a Debacle

The budget hearings are history,

Thank God, they're over -- finally!

They were not only a sad spectacle

But for many politicos quite a debacle.

Where was their fiber, their integrity?

How sickening it was watching

Their endless shilly-shallying,

Their obfuscation, disinformation,

Their hesitation and dilly-dallying.

Most politicians will indeed forgo

Answering simple questions

With a simple yes or no.

Far too many of them are squishy,

Gutless and downright wishy-washy.

Only their chief goal is clear and firm:

Re-election to still another term

With plenty of PAC moneys

and other legal briberies.

Gunther Bienes

Havre de Grace

Quality Time' Not Funny

My husband and I are not enjoying the "Quality Time" cartoon that replaced the "Pluggers." We got used to the "Pluggers" (after "Bizarro" was taken away), and found some humorous, but we just "don't get" the "Quality Time" cartoon. Haven't laughed at one yet.

If dropping "Quality Time" is ever considered, you can count our vote as against it.

Deborah Harrison


Ball Scores

Happiness is the good feeling of the notice of July 28 along with my Sun that for a week or so previous we have been receiving the ball game scores from the night before. Why is it that Bel Air seems so far away?

Disappointment is receiving my Sunday morning paper and no scores from the previous night's game. Thank the Lord for radio and TV.

William A. Chenoweth

Bel Air

Look Up

I'm writing this to give all of you busy, hard-working people a hint of seeking a moment of solitude. Go outside one of these beautiful summer nights and look way up.

You'll see one of the most beautiful sights of your life. Stars, an entire sky of them. Admire them, scope out the constellations, and perhaps you will even see a shooting star. Make a wish but don't waste it on something superficial.

Wish that the sky may always be that beautiful and clear. Wish that we, the inhabitants of the Earth, can conserve the Earth's precious gifts. . . . Kristin Murk


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