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August 22, 1993


Editor: I felt the need to commend the Stewart family for their courageous willingness to open up their lives to your readers in your recent story, "One Day at a Time" [July 11]. It's only through the continual education of the public about the truths, the traumas, the tragedies and triumphs of mental illness that we will advance the acceptance of individuals who have psychiatric disabilities in our society.

Linell Smith did an outstanding job of laying open the struggles that a family encounters when dealing with a mental illness in our society. Thanks to Sun Magazine, Linell Smith and, most especially, to the Stewarts for increasing our knowledge about mental illness and subsequently making our community just a little bit better place to be in for people with psychiatric disabilities.

R. Scott Graham

President and CEO,

ReVisions Inc.



Your July 18, 1993, article on lawns ["Laying Down the Lawn"] was about as appropriate as a feature on the glories of suntanning, except that tanners waste only their own resources and jeopardize only their own health. Furthermore, you do a great disservice to Maryland's Wild Acres Program, which does not advocate neglecting one's lawn but rather replacing some or all of it with trees, shrubs and other plants better suited to our climate and less hostile to wildlife. (It works.)

Leslie Starr


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