Going on some dates is worse than staying home all alone


August 22, 1993|By SUSAN DEITZ

Dear Readers: The flood of letters describing awful dates is proof positive they happen to most of us. We survive and even learn to laugh about most of them, but at the time we take these awful creatures seriously. Have a peek:

From Long Island: "I'm debating whether to start this letter with the guy who stole $20 from me because I wouldn't sleep with him or the blind date my best friend set me up with who had so few brain cells he couldn't remember my name for more than 10 minutes at a time. . . .

"One incredibly sexy man promised me dinner and a Broadway show on our first date, and showed up so late by the time we got into the city we had a half-hour to order and eat. After dinner he told me he 'didn't get a chance' to get tickets, so a few minutes before curtain time we literally ran from theater to theater hoping to get in. He finally managed to get us standing-room-only tickets (15 minutes after the show had started) . . . all of this in February 10-degree weather.

"In college my best friend and I double-dated with two stereo salesmen. At the end of the evening, my date asked me to go to bed with him in not-very-polite words, and when I said 'no,' he asked my friend to do the same!

"The last episode in my repertoire involved an attractive and rather slick salesman who I suspected was married. When I came right out and asked him, he replied 'no.' I found out after a few more dates that he was living with someone.

"Even through all this (and much more), I still continue to date."

From Delray Beach, Fla.: "On my date with a handsome young man, I wore my best outfit and my long, frosted wig. We had a lovely dinner, and after he had brought me home and left, I couldn't wait to take off the wig and get into my housecoat. I put on my glasses and was ready to relax with a good book when the doorbell rang! It was my date, asking for Sheila (me). He didn't recognize me, so I said I was her roommate and that she had gone to bed. He asked for a pail of water for his car, which had overheated. I gave him the water and he never knew it was me. He called to see me one more time, but never knew I was the woman who gave him the water."

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