Balkan Update

August 21, 1993

Main developments yesterday involving the former Yugoslavia: In GENEVA, Serbian and Croatian leaders farored a compromise peace plan for Bosnia, but Muslims said they were against the mediators' proposal, which they have beengiven 10 days to consider. A U.N. commission blasted Serbia for flagrant human rights violations against ethnic Albanians in its troubled province of Kosovo.

At MOUNT GERMAN, Macedonia, the handover of a United Nations flag marked the start of the first operational assignment of U.S. troops in the former Yugoslavia - patrolling Macedonia's border with Serbia. After a month's training at their base near Macedonia's capital of Skopje, 325 soldiers from the U.S. Army's Berlin Brigade began their full deployment oh the border.

Bosnian Croats stalled on a promise to let a U.N. aid convoy into the Muslim part of MOSTAR, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where tens of thousands of desperate people have been cut off from relief shipments for more than two months.

King Fahd, in SAUDI ARAABIA ordered the airlift of 50 injured Bosnians for treatment at hospitals there, the government seaid.

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