Robert Maynard

August 20, 1993

Robert C. Maynard, who died at 56 on Tuesday, was an outstanding reporter and editor, publisher of a metropolitan daily that would have folded without his skills, a leader in this profession.

What made Bob Maynard's career all the more remarkable was that he was black in a business which is still lily-white in its upper reaches.

He worked at the Afro-American here, then the Washington Post, emerging as a quality journalist and a leader and gadfly as the numbers of African-Americans increased in newsrooms. At the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune, he was editor and later publisher, demonstrating that quality journalism was possible at a struggling newspaper.

Those who follow him in this business will be most indebted for his pioneering in the recruiting and training of minority journalists. By prodding and inspiration, he has been a major influence in introducing diversity to the newsroom.

The industry's goal of reflecting the nation's racial makeup by 2000 was Bob Maynard's creation. Achieving it would be his greatest monument.

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