Just the facts, madam: We know a story (right?)


August 20, 1993|By ROGER SIMON

The things they are saying about Heidi Fleiss:

She drives a black Corvette.

She lives in a four-bedroom house that is worth $1.6 million.

There are azaleas along her driveway.

She is a high school dropout.

She is "coltish" and "straw-thin."

She is "slim" and "attractive."

She is a "green-eyed brunette."

She is a "mercurial and rail-thin."

She is a mixture of "fun and flamboyance."

She has "chutzpah."

Her middle name is Lynne.

She wears five-inch heels.

She has a St. Bernard named Plato.

Her father is a pediatrician who treated the children of Joan Collins.

Her mother was a schoolteacher.

They are "strict" vegetarians.

Heidi, 27, the third of six children, was "indulgently raised."

Heidi was "pretty and smart" growing up but "impatient and spoiled."

She once attended a Catholic school.

She shoplifted at the mall in junior high.

In high school she was "partial to cutoff T-shirts with no bra underneath."

In high school she stole car radios, cut class and paid other kids for their homework.

She grew pot at home and sold it.

She didn't date much.

She drank and took drugs.

She flipped over a Jeep and nearly severed the arm of her 17-year-old sister.

Her parents bought her a new Jeep.

She was a waitress.

She had an affair and bought a "vintage Mustang convertible."

Her former lover once sprayed a garden hose through her window.

She became a prostitute to work off her lover's gambling debt.

She never became a prostitute.

She recruited "college" girls to become prostitutes.

She recruited "college-age" girls to become prostitutes.

Some "went on to marry movie executives."

"At least one current box-office sensation got her start as a call girl," according to Newsweek.

The average asking rate for Heidi's girls was $1,500 a night with Heidi getting 40 percent.

Connie Chung and Barbara Walters were among the first to try to get an interview with Heidi.

An undercover cop driving a red Ferrari Testarossa asked Heidi to arrange "entertainment" for his Japanese clients.

The Ferrari was the cop's own car. He comes "from a rich family."

The cop, according to the New Yorker, is "Asian-American."

Heidi, according to the New Yorker, is "Jewish."

Heidi was arrested by eight police officers and one dog while she was taking out her garbage.

She wore a "Norma Kamali mini" to her arraignment.

She wore a "short, low-cut dress and high-heels" to her arraignment.

She wore a "taupe" dress with "shoulder pads" to her arraignment.

She wore "movie star" sunglasses.

She wore a "gold necklace."

She was "tanned."

Her expression indicated "mild bemusement."

Her attorney was a "Harry Hamlin type in a gray chalk striped suit."

She pleaded not guilty to five counts of pandering and one count of cocaine possession.

Channels 5 and 11 in Los Angeles interrupted regular programming to carry the arraignment live.

Heidi is free on $100,000 bond.

Penthouse would like to publish nude photos of Heidi.

Newsweek has already run a topless photo of Heidi but with her breasts blocked out. People ran the same photo but with her nipples blocked out. The London Sun ran the same photo with nothing blocked out.

Heidi is a "firm believer" in condoms.

She doesn't accept yen.

Her father says: "None of it's true about my daughter."

Los Angeles Police Capt. Glenn Ackerman says: "Prostitution is never going to change. The way we respond to it can change."

Los Angeles Police Capt. Glenn Ackerman says Heidi was arrested because she "was just getting way too big for her britches."

Police say they will not arrest Heidi's customers.

Police say they will not release the names of Heidi's customers.

There were 1,095 murders, 1,872 rapes and 39,508 robberies in Los Angeles last year.

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