August 20, 1993

5 boats found; link to 3 other thefts suspected

Maryland Natural Resources Police recovered yesterday five more boats reported stolen since last weekend, all linked to three other stolen vessels found this week, including Pat Sajak's 26-foot Sea Ray cabin cruiser.

Police said yesterday that they think all eight thefts are related. The five boats were recovered yesterday in Stoney Creek, some adrift and others beached on private property along the shore.

Three 25-foot Bayliners owned by Pasadena and Glen Burnie HTC residents had been stolen from the Stoney Creek Bridge Marina. A 21-foot Bayliner had been stolen from a waterfront home on North Shore Drive in Pasadena, and a 21-foot Crestliner had been stolen from a Stone Creek home.

Wednesday, police recovered two boats adrift on Stoney Creek. The boat belonging to Mr. Sajak, a television game show host, was found Tuesday at Cypress Marina on the Magothy River. Police said it had been stolen from the Bluff Point Marina in Severna Park.

Anyone with information regarding the thefts should call the Maryland Natural Resources police on their confidential hot line, (800) 628-9944.

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