Jacob D. Beam, 85, U.S. ambassador to Poland...


August 19, 1993

Jacob D. Beam, 85, U.S. ambassador to Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union during some of the most significant years of the Cold War, died of a stroke Monday at a hospital in Rockville. His diplomatic career of more than four decades stretched from Berlin under the Nazis and London during the Battle of Britain to the Nixon-Brezhnev Kremlin summit of 1972. As a young diplomat in Berlin, Mr. Beam met Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games. He represented the United States at Stalin's funeral, and was ambassador to Poland from 1957 to 1961.

Grand Ayatollah Abdul A'ala Sabzevari, 86, one of the most eminent spiritual leaders of the world's 200 million Shiite Muslims, died Monday in the holy city of Najaf in Iraq.

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