The many reasons why a new Baltimore team in the...


August 19, 1993

ONE OF the many reasons why a new Baltimore team in the NFL should be known as the Ravens is . . .

Before the usual full house at Baltimore's new football stadium, the enemy's kicking specialist has come on the field to attempt a field goal. As the teams line up, with our stalwart heroes ahead by one vital point, there at the end of the last quarter, the division lead hanging on this one play, behind our goal posts the idea is to distract the kicker. The fans are on their feet, their arms are raised, they're doing --

The rave!

* * *

THESE ARE the famous dog days, "when the hot sultry weather of summer usu. occurs. . . a period of stagnation or inactivity." So the dictionary has it; in newspaper tradition, mid-August is a slow time for serious news and the reader may come upon many a story about dogs, or other beasts.

"Rhinoceroses!" exclaims the Baltimorean; but these afternoons he or she will have noticed that a lot of space also goes to creatures from the cat, mouse, horse, blue jay and rockfish realms. Have a care, metro desk: one more cute-pet story and you may stir up the, uh, humans.

It all goes back, supposedly, to the Dog Star, Sirius, now riding high as "the brightest star in the heavens." We have to take the dictionary's word for that, too, in the cloudy aftermath of non-visible Perseids. At least, on the editorial page there is often, if not usu., the moon to bay at.

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