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August 19, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

School officials say all they need from New Windsor Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. is a letter confirming that the town will provide sewer and water service to the new middle school about to be built there, and that they can talk about the price later.

The mayor says it's not that simple.

"That doesn't change anything," he said. "Until the details are ZTC worked out, I'm not sending a letter guaranteeing anything."

Mayor Gullo said he can't be sure of providing the service unless the schools will pay for any needed improvements to the town's system.

Vernon Smith, director of support services for Carroll County schools, said construction is set to begin on the school by mid-September.

Disagreement over the fees for water and sewer could hold up construction, he said.

Mayor Gullo said he would try to get back to the school next week to respond to its request for a revised payment formula.

The town wants $228,000 in sewer and water hook-up charges, claiming the projected enrollment of 625 was equivalent to 57 dwelling units.

But school officials have since asked for a revised formula because 500 of those students are already using the existing New Windsor Middle School. They proposed that the school system pay only for the additional 125 students the school eventually will hold.

Mayor Gullo said yesterday he will have engineers review the school officials' formula.

His signature on the service is the last step needed to complete the building permit for the school, which will replace the existing New Windsor Middle School on Green Valley Road. The new school will be a short distance down the road from the existing one.

Mr. Smith said that once the middle school moves, the old building might be used for a year or so while Elmer Wolfe Elementary School undergoes renovation. After that, he said, it would be turned over to the county and town.

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