New owner of store shops without regrets


August 19, 1993|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Staff Writer

For the first time in many years, Judith Orlinsky won't go shopping for back-to-school clothes. Instead, the Goucher grad is making the transition from college student to business owner.

With her stepmother, Judy Taylor-Orlinsky, she's opening Japonaji, a clothing and crafts store that celebrates Japanese design, in Bare Hills today.

If such an endeavor sounds ambitious for a 22-year-old, not to worry. Ms. Orlinsky, who happens to be the daughter of former Baltimore City Council President Wally Orlinsky, isn't concerned.

"I always knew that I wanted to run my own show," she says.


How has running the store changed your own style?

It's more simple. The lines are straighter, and I wear more cloth. It's very comfortable, but I dress nicer now. I have my own store so I candress up at a good price.

How would you describe your style in general?

Relaxed. I like to be very casual. I wear a lot of shorts, jeans and T-shirts, and big dresses. Nothing is too confining. That's how I feel best. I feel fake when I get all dressed up. I want people to know who I am up front. I'm just a T-shirt-and-shorts kind of person.

Where do you shop?

In large-size stores all over Baltimore. I like Audrey Jones in Towson, Chezelle in Cross Keys and Lane Bryant. A lot of times once something reaches a certain size, designers turn to a different fabric, usually polyester. It ruins the design. If I find something I like, I'll buy two or three in different colors.

Do you have a drop-dead outfit?

Yes. A black and white geometric pattern dress that I wear with black suede sling backs, gold hoop earrings and red lipstick.

What's been your best bargain?

A pair of Joan and David shoes I got for 50 percent off at Macy's in New Jersey. They look like men's shoes -- brown leather flats with laces. They were market $150, and I got them for $75. They're actually a little too narrow for my feet, and I never wear them. But I love them anyway.

And your biggest splurge?

A black suede dress. It's the one thing I knew my mother would hate. It's very fitted with three buttons down the side.

Is there anything in your closet you realize now was a big mistake?

Probably half the stuff in there.

If you could, who would you most like to go shopping with?

My mother, Jo-Ann Orlinsky. We have a lot of fun together. She's very honest about what she likes on me and what she doesn't.

If you had a chance to have a quiet little dinner, who would it be with and what would you wear?

Axl Rose. I think he's an interesting person, and I really connect with his lyrics. I'd probably wear leggings and boots and a Miyo shirt. It's long-sleeved, cotton with an Oriental design.

Do you have clothes that lift your mood?

Yes. I have this long loose dress in a floral pattern. It's bright pink and red and yellow with buttons up the front and a high waist. I wear it with penny loafers.

What do you wear when you're in a funk?

A pair of purple shorts and a purple shirt with rips in it from my cats. I know when I'm in them that I don't have to see anyone. I can just hang out and be depressed.

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