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August 18, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

County school and New Windsor town officials are considering another way of assessing how much the town should collect in sewer and water impact fees for the middle school to be built on Green Valley Road.

The building has always been planned as a replacement for the current school, not an additional one, said Lester Surber, supervisor of school facilities and planning.

At his second meeting with town officials yesterday, he asked them to reconsider the fees in that light.

Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. has asked the schools to pay $228,000 in sewer and water hook-up charges, saying the project would have an impact equivalent to 57 dwelling units.

But Dr. Surber noted that 500 students are using the existing New Windsor Middle School. He proposed that the school system pay only for the impact of the additional 125 students the school eventually will hold.

Mayor Gullo said yesterday he will have his engineers review Dr. Surber's request, and that he hoped to get back to school officials next week.

The mayor said the additional money the town is seeking will cover the cost of dealing with the school's impact on the town's water and sewer system, which he said will need improvements to accommodate the school.

"I want to help the school," Mayor Gullo said. "I don't want to stonewall. But there comes a point when I can't, in good conscience, back down."

He said he wants the town's engineer to recalculate the projected water usage of the school based on the use in the existing school, state regulations about how much water must be available per student, and the new school's sprinkler system.

Dr. Surber said that although the new building will have a sprinkler system, there were also some water-saving devices installed in toilets and sinks.

Dr. Surber said the Board of Education still has not decided what to do with the existing school once students move to the new one in January 1995.

He said it could be used as an interim Elmer Wolfe Elementary School while that building is renovated in Union Bridge.

Construction on the $7 million state- and county-funded project could be held up until an agreement is reached. A signature from a representative of New Windsor town government is the only one needed to complete the school's building permit.

"I am not going to sign the building permit until I'm satisfied the town's interests are protected," Mayor Gullo said.

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