Dockers fine-tunes its successful casual line

August 18, 1993|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Staff Writer

Levi Strauss & Co., purveyors of rough and ready blue jeans to ranch hands and movie stars alike, is on yet another fashion trail. The company introduced Dockers twill pants in 1986, and the casual line turned into the fastest growing apparel label in history. Dress Dockers, a dressier line, was introduced last year with growing success. Now the new Dockers Authentics aim to put men into a style that falls somewhere between the two, dressier than the original Dockers, but not quite so crisp and pressed as Dress Dockers.

Now that jeans have become a staple in nearly every man's closet and casual days are becoming institutionalized in many work places, the Levi's people have worked out a collection of separates that gives guys coordinated ways to loosen up.

The Authentics line takes it easy on the male shopper. Displays will match up pants and shirts in the more refined fabrics and details with compatible colors and textures.

Arnold Borenstein, regional fashion director for Hecht's stores, says Authentics solves the problems many men encounter in trying to dress casually and still look put together.

"The Authentics line covers a bridge area that until recently has only been covered by designer lines," says Mr. Borenstein. "Men don't have a problem with a suit, but on a day when casual is called for, they reach for jeans and a work shirt."

The Dockers people say Authentics is targeted at the younger, 21- to 39-year-old fashion-conscious consumer who wants style, natural fibers and a looser line.

There's a plus to that idea; older boomers, who first flocked to Dockers because of the forgiving roomier cut in the seat and thigh, may now be ready to loosen up all the way.

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