THERE is good and bad news for city gardeners.The bad...


August 17, 1993

THERE is good and bad news for city gardeners.

The bad news, as if it needed to be repeated, is the extremely dry weather much of the summer that is still taking its toll. The good news is that on account of that adversity, deadline for entries in Beautiful Baltimore Inc.'s annual garden contest has been postponed until Aug. 31.

Over the years, hundreds of Baltimore gardens have been honored in this contest. Most winners have received a citation; a few particularly attractive entries a small plaque.

The rules are few. First, the garden must be located within the city limits. Second, the garden must be readily visible from the street so that it an be seen by passers by.

"The whole purpose is to make Baltimore look pretty," explained Geoffrey Fielding, a Roland Park gardener and long-time activist in the sponsoring organization.

Entries should be mailed to Beautiful Baltimore, 303 Oakdale Road, Baltimore, Md. 21210. They must include the address of the garden, including zip code, and the name of the owner or occupant. Mention should be made of the special attraction of the garden, if possible.

Beautiful Baltimore is a non-profit volunteer organization that was established some 20 years ago. Each year, it plants about 9,000 daffodils (and a variety of other plants and trees) to prettify the city's main arteries. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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