Sears to close catalog stores in September

August 17, 1993|By Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- The remaining remnant of the "Big Book" catalog of Sears, Roebuck and Co., the company's catalog outlet stores, will be shuttered at the end of September, the company announced yesterday.

Sears said the remaining 67 catalog stores and three catalog warehouses will be closed, virtually completing the closure of the 106-year-old catalog operation.

The company had anticipated the stores would remain open until the end of the year, but merchandise has been selling quicker than anticipated.

"Now it looks like early fall and almost certainly by Sept. 30," said Al Mathes, a spokesman for Sears' catalog division.

Sears already has closed 24 of the original 91 outlet stores, which sold surplus merchandise from its catalog operation.

The remaining 67 outlet stores in 25 states -- including Maryland -- will mark down prices to speed up the liquidation of the remaining merchandise, Mr. Mathes said.

Two of the five warehouses that supplied the outlet stores already have closed.

Sears stopped taking orders from its catalog May 27.

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