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August 16, 1993

Conservative talk shows sow distrust

Talk-radio provides a valuable service by giving citizens access to the public airwaves.

However, when the debate is controlled by biased ideologues, whether they be liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans, it becomes little more than propaganda.

In Maryland, we have conservative propaganda being broadcast daily by WCBM radio.

This radio station's constant, hypercritical and personal attacks on President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, without providing any balanced counter-analysis, allows WCBM's conservative talk-show hosts to promote their right-wing political agenda.

For example, when Shawn Casey, WCBM's morning talk-show host, refers to the president as "pot-smoking, womanizing, draft-dodging . . . when the afternoon talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, a right-wing provocateur, refers to feminists as "femi-Nazis" and when the evening talk-show hosts Tom Marr and Les Kinsolving refer to the president as "Slick Willie, the biggest liar ever elected to the presidency," one has to wonder where all of this hostility comes from.

When one listens to WCBM radio's talk-show hosts, and the callers that they nurture and inspire, rant and rave about "those liberal, left-wing Clintonistas" it brings back memories of the witch-hunts against alleged socialists and communists by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy.

When one listens to the political venom coming from these folks one has to ask: Has this nation lost its ability to disagree and debate in a gentlemanly way?

Having experienced the Vietnam War, Watergate and the Iran-contra scandal, it is quite obvious that public debate and criticism of our presidents is necessary and proper.

It is a vital part of our system of checks and balances. It keeps our presidents from becoming imperial dictators.

However, the disgraceful way that they have been criticizing Senators Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski, should be a warning to us all that such propaganda, without counter-analysis, can create distrust and hatred of Democratic leaders elected to serve in Washington.

Grason Eckel


The writer is a member of the Democratic Party State Central Committee.

Politics as usual

As a property owner in Baltimore County, I wondered why my property taxes increased as services were being cut.

As an employee of Baltimore County, I wondered why I had not received a raise in three years even though my property taxes continued to rise.

Both of these questions were answered by The Evening Sun on Aug. 4 as it reported that the Baltimore County Council approved raises for two of its friends.

Politics as usual in Baltimore County.

Lawrence Schaffer



In manipulating his budget through Congress, Bill Clinton has treated us to an unprecedented display of bribery and coercion. He called the result "a mandate" and reveled in his "success."

Does this spectacle qualify as representative government?

Words mean something. "Webster's New World Dictionary" defines mandate as "the wishes of constituents expressed to a representative, legislative, etc., as through an election, and regarded as an order."

Democracy is defined as "government in which the people hold the ruling power either directly or through elected representatives, rule by the ruled."

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Eating safely

The Aug. 2 story concerning the sanitation inspection of restaurants in Maryland was enlightening and alarming in that it highlighted not only the ignorance of restaurant operators and food handlers but also their lack of desire to come into compliance with the law.

While information on the results of inspections may be available from official agency records, it is not reasonable to expect the restaurant dining public, virtually all of us, to conduct our own private research before patronizing an eating establishment.

Certainly the fastest and surest way to assure compliance with the law is to require every eating establishment to prominently display the official results of the latest inspection.

Prospective diners could then decide whether they wish to eat there. Recalcitrant operators would either clean up their acts or be forced out of business.

Ronald H. Galler


No poor?

My wife and daughter house-cleaned and accumulated a lot of disposables we thought maybe some needy families could use.

I called Purple Heart, D.A.V. and Goodwill.

They all said maybe they would pick it up next month.

I then called Bea Gaddy and they said they were overstocked. We had a great number of things -- suits, dresses, children's clothes, toys, lamps, cameras, books, jewelry, kitchen appliances, 20 large cartons in all.

We finally packed everything on a pickup truck (fully loaded) and took it to the Salvation Army, who finally accepted it. Where are all the poor people?

Obed R. Baker


O, Canada

Canada has a very stirring and beautiful national anthem.

What a pity that an off-key whiner was selected to perform it before the All-Star audience in Baltimore.

Perhaps if the Toronto Blue Jays win the pennant, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will find a few stout-hearted men among the Mounties who can perform it the way it should be.

And, if the Birds fly the pennant, bring back James Earl Jones.

Marion M. Corddry


Making money

How nice for Peter Angelos that he can make enough money on his asbestosis cases to buy the Baltimore Orioles.

How sad for his clients that many of them will not live long enough to see one penny to ease their suffering.

Miriam K. Tyrie


Tourists first

I refer to the recent decision by the Baltimore City police to remove 15 detectives from their investigations in order to patrol the area around Harborplace and Camden Yards.

It is disgusting and sad that the city would rather protect tourists' cars than investigate crimes committed against its own residents.

Tamar Donovan


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