With $25 in hand, rider has biking in mind


August 15, 1993|By MUPHEN WHITNEY

What would you do if you won $25 at a horse show? Justin Morgan is going to use the money he won at last weekend's Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Show to buy a dirt bike.

"It was pure luck," said 11-year-old Justin who lives in Silver Run. "I didn't know I had won until after the class was over."

Justin and his horse, Ima Impressive Bailey, came by the money when they picked the winning ticket out of a bucket during the Special Lottery Trail Class. So far Justin has saved more than $300 toward his goal, but he still has $200 to go before he can buy a new bike.

Don't you want to spend the money on a horse, Justin?

"Nah," Justin replied with certainty. "You have to clean up after those horses and feed them all the time, even when you're not riding them. A dirt bike is not so much trouble."

How do you get to the winner's circle at a horse show?

"Practice, practice, practice," said judge Skip Seifert, who officiated at the MMHPA show.

Seifert had some advice to offer for those who want to excel in pleasure classes and in the novice horsemanship classes.

"In a pleasure class the horse should look like it is easy to ride. It should be quiet and move pleasantly. I like to see horses who look like they are honestly pleasant to ride, not just ones that are show-ring trained," he said.

In the novice classes Seifert said that he looks for correct positions of the hands, legs and seat.

"I look for the most correct position and I like to see novice riders who can control their horses and perform the patterns correctly," he said "The horse and rider should be in balance and the horse should move at a uniform pace."


Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Show

Aug. 8

Speed Division A: Champion, Michelle Stowers, Rajun Cajun; Reserve, Jim Abe, Go In The Fast Lane.

Speed B: Champion., Carey Fish, Butterscotch; Reserve, Carey Fish, Stars Bandit Boy.

Speed Trot: Champion, Dustin Wiles, The Rio Grand; Reserve, Ashley Atkins, Lacey Jay.

Western Performance Division A: Champion, Chris Morgan, Ima Impressive Bailey; Reserve, Heather Smith, Lins Overdue Dandy.

Western B: Champion, Michelle Martin, Dons Expertise; Reserve, Michelle Culp, Cowboys Dandee.

Western Y: Champion, Jason Wiles, Impressive Robert; Reserve, Meghan Mulligan, Prospect Investor.

Western Walk/Trot: Champion, Samantha Collins, Reynolds Smoke; Reserve, Renata Ramonda, Ima Better Bailey.

Western Leadline/Walk: Champion (tie) Jessica Strain on Shawns Wise Sham and Mason Raphaelson on Whispering Pines Spoiled Rotten.

Novice Division: Champion, Shonna Staley, Riley Joe; Reserve, Sandi Collins, Reynolds Smoke.

English Performance Division A: Champion, Tammy Grieve, Blue Ice; Reserve, Sandy Weinreich, Dons Expertise.

English B: Champion, Michelle Martin, Dons Expertise; Reserve, Sarah Hurdel, The Shining.

English Y: Champion, Rachelle Kasson, Ruffles; Reserve, Crystal Pickett, Sweetie Dawlin.

English Walk/Trot: Champion, Renata Ramonda, 2T Poco Gray; Reserve, Alicia Corkran, Whispering Pines Just My Style.

English Leadline/Walk: Champion, Bradley Duvall, Sweetie Dawlin; Reserve, Chelsea Insley, The Grand Slam.

Calendar of events

Today -- Frederick County Show Circuit. Ijamsville Show Grounds, Ijamsville. (301) 371-6612.

Tomorrow -- Howard County Fair Plantation Walking Horse Show. Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship. (410) 489-5127.

Wednesday -- Severn Valley Stables Twilight Shows. Dressage, Combined Tests, Clear Round Stadium competition. Judge: Col. Clarence Edmunds. Arnold. (410) 757-1971.

Thursday -- Howard County Fair Hunter Breeding Show. Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship. (410) 795-8686.

Aug. 21 -- Saddleview Ranch Walk/Trot Show. Frederick. (301) 831-8715.

Aug. 21 -- Howard County Fair. Howard County Horse Show Association Show. Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship. (410) 489-4642.

Aug. 22 -- United States Polo Association Centennial Cup Finals. Ladew Polo Field. (410) 557-6448.

Aug. 28 -- Fair Hill Starter Event Horse Trials. Elkton. (215) 347-2024.

Aug. 28 -- Carroll County Western Circuit Show. Ag Center, Westminster. (410) 239-7885.

Sept. 1 -- Severn Valley Stables Twilight Shows. Dressage, Combined Tests, Clear Round Stadium competition. Judge: Cathy Tucker-Slaterbeck. Arnold. (410) 757-1971.

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